Tuesday, November 6, 2007


A motto can be a powerful tool, used to invoke feelings of support and pride in the individuals quoting it. At the same time, such sayings can be potentially dangerous when the general populace is ignorant as to the meanings and motives behind it. I tried to find some background information on the logo “Support Our Troops” and I came across this web site, http://www.americasupportsyou.mil/AmericaSupportsYou/index.aspx
A nationwide program initiated by the US Department of Defense. Why? Have such nationwide support groups been initiated for previous conflicts? Why this one? Americans are not protesting en masse as they did for the Vietnam conflict, instead, you can purchase a coffee mug to “Support Our Troops.” A coffee mug? A t-shirt? Does the money go to aid American troops overseas? How do I support our troops? By agreeing that it is the Presidential policies and not them that are wrong? Or do I have to buy a bumper sticker from the official web site? Perhaps the reasons behind the slogan are ambiguous, but I believe it means we should be appreciative of those who have sacrificed their freedoms to serve their country, even though their contributions are being sorely abused.


Specific Relativity said...

Appreciative of their efforts, perhaps, but still critical of the policies here they are fulfilling here. I think that slogan is too often used as a cover for bad policy, no matter what monetary relief effort is carried along with it.

David Johnson said...

Chomsky's claim is that "support our troops" is deliberately vague to the point of meaninglessness, designed solely to direct attention away from policy debates.